Best Places to Visit in Armenia

If you are planning to travel somewhere, which is rich in culture and traditions, has breathtaking sceneries and exquisite traditional cuisine, then Armenia is the top place to go. There are so many activities to do and so many places to visit that it would be impossible to cover it all on a short trip. And if you’re wondering what are the best destinations to cover during your trip here’s the list!


The capital city of Armenia, Yerevan, is by far the largest city in the country. It is known as the ‘Pink City’ because of the pinkish color of the stones used to construct their architectural buildings. At the heart of Yerevan, you will find the Republic Square jammed with tourists. A musical water fountain, which dances at night, is surrounded by historical monuments built during the Soviet period. Cascade, the Opera and the Northern Avenue are priorities to visit in Yerevan. Let’s not forget Vernissage, the flea market where you can find absolutely everything.

Lake Sevan

The largest lake in the Caucasus and in Armenia is Lake Sevan. Situated only 60Km away from the capital, you can find minibuses that can transport you there. Once arrived, you will be fascinated by the tranquility of the blue water and by the never-ending horizon. You can take a tour by boat or simply enjoy a freshly caught fish at one of the many restaurants. Sevanavank is a historical monastery at the top of a hill from where the view of the lake is even more splendid!


Have you ever wondered what a natural spa looked like? Well, Jermuk is a mountain spa town located in the South of Armenia. It should be at the top of your list if you are looking for some quiet and relaxing time. The hot springs will not only take your worries away but also they have a healing effect for various diseases. The most picturesque waterfall in Armenia is found in Jermuk. It is known as “the hair of the mermaid” and once you’re there, the locals will tell you the legendary story behind it.

Echmiadzin Cathedral

The city of Echmiadzin is located 20Km away from Yerevan and it hosts the oldest Cathedral of Armenia. The mother church Echmiadzin was built in the early of the fourth century and since then it had not lost its mystical and divine presence. Even non-spiritual tourists insist on visiting this centuries-old spiritual church.

Tatev Monastery

A day spent visiting Tatev will surely be unforgettable! The monastery is a majestic medieval construction located on the edge of a canyon. The landscape there is postcard-worthy especially when the photo is taken from the world’s longest cable car! So the 4 hour car drive from Yerevan is definitely advisable.


The second largest city in Armenia is situated in the northwestern part of the country. Gyumri is home to some noticeable museums, beautiful parks and the remarkable Kumayri historic district. Kumayri is the oldest part of the city, it has survived two major earthquakes, and still one of the few places in the country to enjoy authentic urban Armenia architecture. While you’re there, you should also explore the Black Fortress “Sev Berd”, which is an abandoned Russian imperial fortress and is a nationwide cultural legacy in Armenia.


Another must-visit destination in the North of Armenia is Dilijan. Locals call it “the Armenian Switzerland” due to the picturesque and most breathtaking landscapes your eyes can grasp. Dilijan is an all-inclusive district where you can relax and enjoy your spa or take a hike in the mountains. Dilijan National Park is where you witness the miracle of nature, it is one of the four national parks in Armenia. Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries are also not to be missed when spending the day in Dilijan.

Temple of Garni

Built in the first century AD by king Tridates I, the temple of Garni is situated in the Kotayk province 27Km east from the capital. It is the only pagan temple in Armenia. After the country adopted Christianity, the temple became a tomb for the royals. This monument holds a strong Armenian heritage and it conceptualizes pre-Christian Armenia.

Khor Virap

The best place to enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Ararat is probable from the Khor Virap Monastery. All tourists certainly add this most visited pilgrimage site on their must-see list. Gregory the Illuminator, a religious leader, was imprisoned in a pit for fourteen years till one day he became the king religious mentor and hence he is credited with altering Armenia from paganism to Christianity.


Eager to have a taste of the best wine you ever had? Then head to the 6100 years old winery. Areni is a village situated in the Vayots Dzor province, at the southeastern end of the country. The place is most famous for its luscious Areni wine and vast vineyards. Noravank is a thirteenth-century old monastery found in the same province and is likewise visited by most of the tourists.

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