Crazy Things to Do in Yerevan

The capital city of Armenia is host to thousands of tourists every season. Yerevan is one of Armenia’s most precious gems. The city lies on a perfect balance between medieval architecture and traditions on one hand and a touch of modernity and innovation on the other. There are so many essential things to do in this capital that vary from season to season, so you will have to visit all year long!

Ice Skating

Armenia offers special activities for those who wish to visit the country during winter. Ice skating is just one of them! You can go down to Swan Lake, rent a pair of skates, and skate around with the locals. After having fun, (and falling many times), you can enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate from street vendors next to the lake. If you are a professional skater, then head to Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, the biggest rink in Armenia.

Picnic in a Park

Public parks are scattered all around the city, and each of them is beautiful and relaxing that they somehow bring peace to the hectic city. So why not throw a picnic in this lovely greenery? The most popular park is the Lovers park located in the heart of Kentron. You can also discover the English park, Tumanyan park, Buenos Aires park and Victory park for a quiet lunch.


With travelling comes along shopping, and Armenia doesn’t make it easier. While walking down the Northern Avenue, the only pedestrian street in Kentron, you will find many global upscale shops, Burberry, Massimo Dutti, Desigual and many more. The same street has an underground market where you can also shop from global and local brands. So close to the Northern Avenue, you will find Yerevan’s flea market, Vernissage, where you’ll find literally anything that can come to your mind. Most of the items there are handmade or come from local production.

Watching the Water Fountain

In the heart of Yerevan lies the Republic Square which is surrounded by historical monuments built during the Soviet period and is centred with a magical water fountain. The water fountain is a must-visit especially during the night, starting at 8:00 pm the water is choreographed with pleasant-sounding music and lighting effects. All tourists and locals gather around the fountain and watch the water for hours. You can grab small snacks from near vendors to pass your time. The fountain is emptied during winter, so to enjoy this experience you’ll have to come during the other seasons.

Plunging in Yerevan Water World

Situated in the Nor Nork district of the capital Yerevan, this water park is unmissable when you visit during summer. Whether you’re with your family or with a group of friends, this place will take you back to your childhood days. It is the biggest outdoor water park in Armenia that also has an indoor pool. So grab your swimsuit and buoy and be ready to have a blast!

Diving into the City’s History

Yerevan is the oldest constantly inhabited capital of the world, so you can imagine the deep history that you’ll have to dive into, it’s good that there are so many museums to help you along the way. Opening with the History Museum of Armenia and National Gallery of Armenia, that are both located next to the Republic Square, you’ll get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the historical side of the country. Then you can head to Matenadaran, the largest manuscript museum in Armenia. You should also visit the Armenian Genocide memorial complex, Tsitsernakaberd, to pay respect to the victims of the genocide. All the museums are open all year long, some of them are entrance free and the others require a minimal fee.

Indulging in the Traditional Cuisine

Armenia’s cuisine has a different standard than the rest of the world’s. The capital city is so packed with restaurants that you will be overwhelmed with the options. You’ll have to try their traditional dishes like the khash, Ghapama (pumpkin), Mante and Harissa if you’re here in fall or winter, and dolma, Lahmacun (Armenian pizza), and Kebab during spring and summer. They also have mouth-watering desserts such as Gata, Bakhlava, and Choereg. So be ready to put on a few pounds during your stay!

Sipping on Brandy

Usually drinking brandy or cognac is preferable during wintertime to warm your body. Then again, you can’t visit Armenia without having to taste their signature drink. Both Ararat and Noy cognacs are topnotch brand companies and they offer special tours in their factories situated in Yerevan. Armenian cognac is well known worldwide, many famous people, like Frank Sinatra or Winston Churchill, have preferred this cognac over others.

Climbing the Cascade

After only 572 stairs, you will be at the top of the Cascade complex, where a panoramic view of the city and Mount Ararat will be awaiting you. Cascade is the main tourist attraction in Yerevan. They have 7 escalators from the inside that will help you reach the top. Cafesjian Museum of Art exposes its pieces on the inside and around the Cascade. There are many cafés on both sides of the complex where you can boost your energy to start climbing!

Attending the Opera

Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is open since 1933 and is situated in the centre of Yerevan. The theatre offers numerous options for all kinds of music and performance lovers. You can check the schedule ahead of time while booking your ticket. Armenians take pride in their Opera due to its huge cultural impact on the nation. A memorable experience is guaranteed here!

Whether you choose to visit Armenia in winter or summer, Yerevan will always have interesting and crazy activities for you to spend a splendid time. So, hurry and book your ticket, enjoyable and exciting time awaits you in this special capital.