Top Entertainment Places in Yerevan

Armenia is a trip destination suitable for all ages and interests. Many visits to take a dive into the spiritual side of the country, others like the picturesque and peaceful sceneries that Armenia offers richly. Nonetheless, tourists frequent this small country in the Caucasus to have one of the best times of their lives. Yerevan offers various entertainment activities that you will want to experience them all!

Awaken your inner child!

Who doesn’t love a huge dose of adrenaline rush? Well, Yerevan Zipline Airlines guarantees you will have the time of your life while flying over Hrazdan river. It is notable that this zipline is the only one worldwide to pass under a bridge. You can also spend a hot summer day at Yerevan Water World where family and friends twist, spiral, and splash all day long!

Parks, cause why not?

Yerevan is famous for the numerous parks scattered around the capital. They are the perfect place where you’ll unwind and enjoy the greenery amid the city. Some have a small picnic while others play outdoor games. The main parks of Yerevan are the Lovers park, the English park, Missak Manouchian park, and the Victory Park. The latter has a small rustic amusement park within its huge space.

Let’s fest!

Armenia is known for hosting exciting festivals all year long! Foodies should definitely attend the Dolma festival (May 19), the Yerevan Wine Days (May 11-12) and the Barbecue festival (August 18). There’s also the Vardavar festival that comes on a different date each year but during the month of July; during this typical Armenian festival, everyone gathers around the Republic Square and starts throwing water on one another! Make sure to check which festival is taking place during the time of your stay.

Did someone say flea market?

In the heart of Yerevan, you will find Vernissage, an open-air flea market where everything is either handmade or locally produced. There you’ll find Armenian themed souvenirs, scarves, chess sets, jewellery, precious stones, silverware, carpets, and many more things. There’s also a similar market but only dedicated to dry fruits and Armenian speciality sweets called Gum market. 

Republic Square: The heart of Armenia

Yerevan’s Republic Square is one of the most beautifully architected squares in the world. The Republic Square consists of historical artsy buildings and a singing fountain at their centre. You’ll always spot tourists and locals gathered around in this square, especially during the night when the singing fountain comes to live!  

Cascade: 572 steps to heaven

Cascade comes from the French word ‘waterfall’, and the theme of the monument follows its meaning. Armenians take pride in this complex, a giant stairway (made of 572 stairs) that leads to a mesmerizing view of Yerevan and Mount Ararat. Cafés and restaurants are found along both sides of the cascade, and Cafesjian Museum of Art displays its artefacts before and inside the monument.

Ballet or classical music concert?

The Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet hosts variant performances regularly. The Opera from the inside is a work of art, you’ll be in awe when you enter the place. You can catch performances from musical theatres to Jazz nights, from classical symphonies to ballet concerts. Each act will leave a forever mark in your memory.

This one’s for animal lovers

Found in 1940, Yerevan’s zoo is definitely a must-visit destination especially during summer where the animals go out of their cocoons. You will discover and interact with various types of animals and you will have the chance to horseback ride within the zoo. Rumour has it that the Asian Elephant steals all the spotlight! You can always check the entrance fee on their website.

Team brandy or team wine?

Whether you tend to like wine more than brandy, or vice versa, in Armenia you will have to indulge in their unique taste. Ararat Brandy is the top of the top cognac, having a high global standard. They have a factory amid Yerevan where tourists visit to learn about the brandy formation. Likewise, there is a whole street in the city dedicated to wine, Saryan street, which is a wine lover’s paradise.

Dress up, anyone?

Ever wondered how fashionable you would have looked wearing your great-grandparents outfits? Well, wonder no more! At Photo Atelier Marashlyan you will have the chance to dress up in traditional and vintage Armenian costumes and have a professional photo shooting. Costumes are available for children and adults.

Ready, set, bet

Multi Grand Hotel is a high-end resort situated in Yerevan. The place is huge! It has a deluxe hotel, topnotch wellness centre, and an upscale casino. Shangri La Casino is an extravagant gaming venue established on high standards. So, if you’re feeling lucky, hit the jackpots!

Yerevan is a delightful place to spend your vacation, and a memorable experience is definitely whether you decide to come alone or with your family! So book that ticket now, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all this fun time right?