Top things to explore during Spring in Armenia

When you ask Google when’s the best time to visit Armenia, it will definitely say during the spring season. That’s when the harsh winter turns into a peaceful spring, bringing joy, hope, and change to the Armenian community and to everyone who visits Armenia during that time. Different shades of pink, red and green will replace the white snow all around the cities and rural areas. As the country blossoms, here’s what you will experience during springtime in Armenia.

Holidays and Traditions

March, April, and May are very eventful months in Armenia. Starting with International Women’s Day on March 8, that in fact, this holiday doesn’t end in a day, it lasts a whole month! Armenians celebrate it till April 7, International Day of Motherhood and Beauty. Such a fascinating time for women to visit Armenia during this month, where they will be appreciated and spoiled with flowers and smiles. Also, in April there’s the Armenian Easter which is celebrated in a unique Armenian way and the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day that is observed on April 24. May 9 is the Day of Victory and Peace and May 28 is the Day of Armenian First Republic that is celebrated with entertaining activities, concerts, and fireworks. So all in all, a very busy season!


Springtime is ideal to simply take a stroll down the old streets of the capital city. All the cafes and restaurants will reopen their outdoor spaces, so the streets will be jammed with people once again! The water fountain at the centre of the Republic Square will be refilled, so every night people will gather around it to watch the water dance to harmonious music for hours. During the day, tourists will be all over Cascade and the neighbouring cafes, Mother Armenia monument, and the Armenian Genocide Memorial complex.

National Parks

With spring comes perfectly comfortable and warm weather for you to enjoy and get lost in Armenia’s national parks or reserves. Stepanavan Dendropark is the most beautiful and biggest botanical garden in the country. It is situated in Lori province, 85 Km north of the capital. Other national parks that will sweep you off your feet are found in Arevik, Lake Arpi, Sevan and the most breathtaking one is in Dilijan. These are your go-to destinations if you want to escape the city’s hectic life and embrace the serenity of nature.

Lake Sevan

The famous lake is not to be missed in any season. However, during spring, the tranquil blue water on one hand, and the flourishing flowers on the other have a different influence on a person’s soul. Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus area and one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. There, on a hill, you will find the Sevanavank, a medieval monastic complex. From up the hill, you will have a picturesque view of the Sevan peninsula, make sure to have your camera with you at all times! Certainly, don’t leave without having a bite from the exquisite cuisine at one the restaurants overlooking the lake and definitely try the delicious “Ishkhan” fish, the speciality Lake Sevan.  

Festivals Yerevan

As mentioned earlier, springtime is quite busy in Armenia. Aside from all the holidays, you will also have the chance to be part of exciting festivals. Starting with Yerevan Jazz Day that takes place in Cascade on April 30, then you have the Yerevan Wine Days held on May 11-12 heading to the Dolma Festival on May 20 to try one of Armenia’s national dishes. Participating in these festivals has minimal fees but fun and laughter are promised.


Spring exposes the true beauty of Armenia’s nature. The number one must-visit place in Jermuk, a natural spa, and resort situated in the South of Armenia. You will get to experience the natural healing hot springs, and you’ll submerge into a magical world while watching the Mermaid’s Hair: the waterfall of Jermuk. Tsaghgadzor is essentially a ski resort, but since the view atop the ropeway is out of this world, it operates all year long! It is also a cosy urban village in the north of the capital and it’s worth to spend a couple of days in that region.

Churches and Monasteries

Armenia, also known as the land of churches, is home to more than four thousand churches and monasteries, quite a big number right? Etchmiadzin is the oldest Cathedral in the world that everyone must visit at least once during their lifetime. In spring, the garden and trees around the Cathedral start to blossom so you’d think you arrived in heaven! Located in the Ararat plain, Khor Virap is a magical monastery overlooking Mount Ararat. Try to visit on a clear day to be able to spot Mount Ararat and Masis. The last pagan temple still standing in Armenia, and a symbol of pre-Christian Armenia is the Temple of Garni, situated in the Kotayk province.


Spring is when Armenians shift from indoor to outdoor activities. The main activity that motivates tourists is hiking! Armenia has such attractive landscapes and mountains to go to that you will have to toss a coin to be able to decide where you will be going. Many touristic agents organize specific hiking trails at different levels and durations. The most famous treks are in Geghama Mountains, Aragats Mountain, and Khustup Mountain.

Each season brings out an interesting version of Armenia. But exploring it in spring offers the whole package: good weather, breathtaking sceneries, fun times and memorable experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Book that ticket, prepare the suitcase, and head to Armenia this spring!